Surprised woman being proposed to by her boyfriend at New Hall Hotel

Where to Propose in the West Midlands

Rick got in touch several months ago saying he’d like to propose to Becky while they were staying at New Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield. As Rick lives in America, you can imagine the logistics of arranging everything, eg. exactly where and when to propose, as Rick had never visited New Hall before, only seeing images of it on the internet.

We decided on the bridge at the back of the venue because of the beautiful backdrop. How we agreed on the location, I’ll tell you the full story in a later post.

But for now, a big “Congratulations!” goes to Rick and Becky! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day.

Before I sort the rest of the images, here’s a quick sneak preview of the happy moment when she said “Yes!”

Looking for other ideas on where to propose to your partner?

Jason proposed to Lisa in the middle of Birmingham City centre. Read about their story here.

Having the experience and ideas on wedding proposals is something I’d love to share with you.

If you’re planning to propose and would like the moment captured, get in touch as I’d love to be involved. Feel free to contact me.

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What Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

This is an often asked question. In simple terms it means being an observer and recorder of your wedding, with little interference. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, think of it in terms of The Temporal Prime Directive: To visit, to watch, not to interfer and to bring back a record.

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