Please use this form to confirm the details of your wedding day. Space is also provided for you to supply any other relevant information you feel I need to know.

While filling in the form here are a few key important points to keep in mind, that will help your day run as smootly as possible:

  • Don’t forget that you’ve booked me for my natural, documentary style of wedding coverage, which means I’ll be working hard to tell the story of your day through natural pictures rather than set after set of formal posed images. I know you would much rather spend your time with your friends and family, rather than being directed by a photographer. That’s why I encourage my clients to have as few formal group shots as necessary. This is important when you note that, on average it take at around 3 mins to arrange each group! This means taking the group photos are often the most tedious part of the day for many of the guests, as it can quickly add up to a lot of time waiting and hanging around.
    For those necessary group shots, it’d help if you could give the agreed group list to a responsible person, eg an usher, best man, a member of the family, or a wedding planner, who can “gather” the relevant people. This way, while I’m taking one group, they can have the next group waiting in the wings. That would be helpful so the groups won’t drag out longer than necessary.
  • Most people’s experience of wedding photographers is the dreaded “bossy photographer”, who starts taking formal photos at every stage of the day. It may he helpful to explain to your bridal party and immediate family that my style is different to that and I won’t boss them around, or in fact, ask to them to anything at all. They can simply ignore me, unless I need their attention, to capture a camera-aware image.
    I want everybody to feel relaxed during the day, while I get on and capture those special moments that you can only really get in a documentary way.
  • If you’re planning to have a traditional formal receiving line before your sit-down meal, bear in mind that it’ll take on average, approx 30 sec per person to get through. So if you’re having 60 guests that’s just around half an hour to get through! It’s for this reason most of my couples dispense with the traditional receiving line, especially as I actively encourage everyone to mingle after the ceremony. This allows them to meet and greet family and friends beforehand, so they don’t see the need for another formal meet-and-greet session.