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Wedding Photographer West Midlands based

I’m a wedding photographer West Midlands born and bred and first began capturing weddings back in 1987, making me one of the most experienced wedding photographers in the region. Since then I’ve covered many, if not all types of wedding ceremonies. These have ranged from the small intimate group in a local register office to several hundreds of guests in a cathedral.

Because I’m based in Birmingham, this gives me a central location to cover weddings in all the Midlands area, nationally and even abroad.


My Background

I’ve even been privileged to shoot on more than one occasion in places such as Ireland, Mexico and the Caribbean.

I like to work in a natural, unobtrusive reportage manner. This means you can enjoy your day without me asking you to pose for endless photographs. I’d much rather capture your inner spirit and personality instead of me forcing you to pose in an un-natural manner.

I’m sure you’re not interested in me going on about exactly what cameras etc. I use. I firmly believe that any wedding photographer should concentrate on the photographic image rather than the equipment used.

So I won’t bore you with how as a documentary wedding photographer I shoot with Camera “X” that has “Y” megapixels and can shoot “Z” number of images without you being aware. I say, “Who cares? Can you take an image that touches the heart? If so, equipment doesn’t matter.”


I’ve won a few awards over the years. These include being the “Wedding Photographer of the Year” for two years in a row. See my my recent awards here.

That’s why I’m an active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), This is Reportage, and the exclusive West Midlands Selective, profiling the best creative documentary wedding photographers based across the West Midlands region.

So rather than take over the day with endless group photographs, I want you to enjoy your family and friend’s company as much as possible.

This allows me to blend into the background to capture those precious unguarded moments that too often go unnoticed.

It goes without saying, I am fully insured both for professional indemnity and public liability and I always have back-up equipment with me.

How Do You Know if I’m the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding?

Here’s a quick over view of my shooting style from my 2017 and 2018 weddings

Does my style of shooting as shown in the videos above and on my portfolio page, touch your heart?

If so, get in touch or give me a call on: 0121 603 7630 / 07809 505 242