Wool Barn Wedding Thank-You Card

You may remember the lovely testimonial from Anna and Sam after their Wool Barn wedding celebration? They’ve now added to their thanks by sending me a wonderful unsolicited Thank-You card!

I won’t quote everything they wrote, as I feel embarrassed writing such wonderful compliments about me. Plus you can probably read it from the photo. But I will quote a couple of notable sentences that make me feel proud. It’s to do with my USP: being discreet and yet not missing important photos.

They wrote:

…As advertised, you were very discreet and we rarely noticed you were there. You manged to move about to get different angles in the Church which we had thought would be difficult, given what the vicar had said, but we are glad as it was really nice to have those shots…

As a documentary photographer, I’m looking to blend in as a guest. But I’m still aiming to get the important story-telling shots without always being in the way or too noticeable. It can be hard when I come across unexpected rules. But while I totally respect and work with any rules, I challenge myself still look for the unique angles to complete the story of any wedding.

I feel privileged to have been a part of this Wool Barn wedding celebration, as this was the first time visiting the venue and I can’t wait to post their images from their cycle-themed wedding celebration, as you’ll see how they managed to cleverly weave their theme throughout their day and evening. So it was no surprise that the Thank-You card featured a cycle wheel on the front.

So a massive thank you to Anna and Sam for trusting me to capture a very important moment in your lives.

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