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This was the first time I’d been to a Stanbrook Abbey wedding and what a grand place to visit for a celebration! Hopefully it won’t be my last.

You can probably guess from the name, but let me briefly tell you about this venue. Stanbrook Abbey was originally built as a monastery and was used from the 16th Century as a contemplative house for Benedictine nuns. Now it is used as a hotel.

Why I Love this Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

When Charlotte booked me for her Stanbrook Abbey wedding and I got to visit beforehand, I was impressed with the architecture. This was because, I just love to feature buildings and their surroundings in my photography.

Because, it’s another way to tell a story as a documentary wedding photographer. Weddings are certainly about human interaction. Who was there. How they felt. How they laughed, joked and cried with their family and friends. But weddings can be more too. If a grand venue is used, that has to be incorporated in the story to say where all this happened. Stanbrook Abbey was certainly not short on locations to use.

As this was a winter wedding at Stanbrook Abbey the indoor settings perfectly suited the time of year. The moody lighting, the shape of the buildings, the variety of settings. These all contributed to a feast for the eyes.

I’ll later be posting a blog post with a few of my favourite images to show you what I mean. When I do I’ll update this page with a link.

But in the meantime here are just 5 images I love to make my point until I blog the whole wedding.

Bride deceing stairs on the way to her Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Bride, father and maids on the way to a Stanbrook Abbey wedding

flowergilrs entering the graet hall at a Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Bride and groom leaving the ceremeony of their Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Wedding reception held in St Anne's Hall after a Stanbrook Abbey wedding

If you’re planning a Stanbrook Abbey wedding and you prefer the more natural and relaxed style of documentary wedding photography, I’d love to be a part of your plans too.

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