I believe in full disclosure about my prices with no hidden extras. The prices here are as stated. There’s nothing to add if your wedding is within the stated radius of B23.

No VAT. No “weekend-wedding” extra costs. No “Wow-your-venue-costs-a-bomb-so-I-need-to-charge-you-more” tax. Not even an “I-feel-awesome-today-so-I’ll-charge-more” extra payment.

Pure and simple, WYSIWYG!

Half, Full or All Day Options

I have different options for you to choose how much of your day you’d like covered.

For a full day’s coverage, while you choose my start time, I typically start about 2 or 3 hours before your ceremony with the morning preparations. I’ll then continue until your first dance in the evening and beyond, with up to 15 hours coverage, to make sure your celebrations are sufficiently covered. If you don’t need that many hours, I also have 10 or 6 hours coverage options. Again, you choose my start time according to your wedding schedule.

If neither of these options fit your needs, and you’d like a more personalised quote, get in touch with what you have in mind and I’ll send over the details for you.

Other Options

If you’re having a large wedding and would like more coverage from different angles, you can add a 2nd photographer to your package. This would also allow you to have your partner’s morning preparations capturing to complete the story of your wedding day. Typically your second photographer is booked to cover from the morning preparations up till your first dance.

Hate having your photo taken? You can book a Couple’s Photo Session to see how relaxing it is to be photographed by a documentary photographer.

Don’t forget that a digital image isn’t a photo until it’s printed! An album can become an heirloom and give your successive generations much joy and lasting memories. So I have a range of albums and a USB print box set available to showcase your wedding images.

Half Day - Up to 6 Hours Coverage

All-day wedding photography coverage

Pre-wedding meeting or Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/Phone chat to discuss your wedding plans

Up to 6 hours coverage

Typical coverage from bridal preps in the morning until start of wedding breakfast

Travel up to 50 miles from B23

350+ full resolution digital files via digital download from anywhere in the world from your secure online digital back-up site


All Day - Up to 10 Hours Coverage

Pre-wedding meeting or Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/Phone chat to discuss your wedding plans

Up to 10 hours coverage

Typical coverage from bridal preps in the morning until the first dance

Travel up to 70 miles from B23

450+ full resolution digital files via digital download from anywhere in the world from your secure online digital back-up site

Slideshow wedding day highlights


Full Day - Up to 15 Hours Coverage

Pre-wedding meeting or Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/Phone chat to discuss your wedding plans

Up to 15 hours coverage

Typical coverage from bridal preps in the morning until beyond the first dance to capture the evening celebrations

Travel up to 100 miles from B23

550+ full resolution digital files via digital download from anywhere in the world from your secure online digital back-up site

Slideshow wedding day highlights


USB Print Box

USB Print Box

Full resolution digital files on USB

50 Prints sized 6″ x 4″


2nd Photographer

2nd photographer to capture the groom's preparations

Coverage from morning preps until the first dance

Travel up to 70 miles from B23


Couple’s Photo Session

Pre-wedding photo session at Avoncroft Museum

 Up to 2 hours Photo Session

Travel up to 30 miles from B23

Perfect as a pre-wedding/engagement shoot, to get relaxed in front of the camera before your wedding day

75+ full resolution digital files via digital download from anywhere in the world from your secure online digital back-up site



Elopement weddings have become very popular of late, and have certainly been accelerated by the current pandemic with restrictions on number of guests. Either way an elopement wedding, or micro-wedding as it’s also becoming known, can be a less stressful way to get married. Usually they have a minimal number of guests, often in single figures, and I can even be one of your witnesses if you really want a minimal number present!

The day will be a celebration of the two of you being husband and wife, and you get to spend quality time together from the start, without having to worry about keeping all your guests occupied. You can then arrange an evening of celebrations another day, so you still get to enjoy a time of celebration with all your family and friends.

Because each elopement wedding is unique, my packages are bespoke and tailored to your needs.

Start at £350 for 2 hours (mid-week)


What is Photo|Film? If you’re looking for a record of your wedding day that blends music, photographs and sound together, then Photo|Film is what you’re looking for.

Sit back. Engage full screen. Turn up the volume, and enjoy!



Bride and groom on Mexico Maya Riviera beach by documentary weding photographer Clive Blair

Over the years I’ve been privileged to cover destination weddings in Ireland, Jamaica and Mexico.

Shooting a destination wedding has it’s unique challenges, so I’ll guide you through every step of the way, sharing the benefits of my experience in shooting destination weddings over the years.

Depending on distance, I usually plan to arrive at least a day or two before a wedding to allow for any disruptions, adjusting to a new time zone, scouting around the new location, etc. Then I can leave anytime from the day after the wedding. If you’d like a pre/post-wedding photo session, then the arrival and departure dates can be adjusted accordingly.

£1700 + Transportation and Accommodation

Wedding Albums

other album sizes available

Jorgensen Album

30 page 14″x11″ Album


Storybook Album

30 page 12″ x 12″ Album


Queensberry Album

30 page 14″x10″ Album


Ready to Begin?

All that’s left is for you now to get in touch to check my availability, as I only accept a limited number of weddings a year.

I hate the high-pressure sales tactics to psychologically make you feel you must book asap, because your whole life will crash and burn without booking now. So, even if we meet up for a chat you won’t be pressured to sign on the dotted line. You’ll have as long as you need to decide. But please respect the fact that I can’t hold any dates, or get back to you if someone else enquires for your date, while you decide.

Only a completed Booking Form and £250 Retainer Fee can secure any date. Once any services have been secured, your price is locked in and is guaranteed not to change, even if my prices go up for later bookings. Your final payment will be due 2 weeks before your wedding.


Before a Wedding

What happens before a wedding

Yes I have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

I began photographing weddings in 1987 making me one of the most experienced wedding photographers in the region. Since then I’ve been Wedding Photographer of the Year twice and won various awards for my photography.

I shoot all the year round. I know some photographers for various reasons don’t shoot winter weddings or during certain months of the year. I find the light during winter months has its own attraction that stimulates creativity when shooting a winter wedding in a different way to a summer wedding. So I love the flexibility and the challenge to shoot all year round.

Over the many years I’ve been working there aren’t many venues I’ve not worked at in the Midlands area. But on the off chance your venue is new to me and you feel it would be advantageous to visit, I find that the pre-wedding session is an ideal time to plan it at your venue so I can have a recce. But also remember that as a documentary photographer, the emphasis will be on telling your story, where ever it happens, rather than knowing the venue like the back of my hand. The only time I’d utilise the venue would be during the time we spend for your photos together away from the crowds. Having shot in so many varied venues over the years, I’ve always been able to adapt quickly to use what is available, never having been there before.

Sure, no problem! Just let me know by emailing me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to show you.

Distance is no object. Although I’m is based in the West Midlands, I have covered weddings the length and breadth of the UK, including weddings abroad.

The only extra to my prices are for weddings beyond 100 miles of my base in B23, for overnight accommodation if required or for weddings abroad. Just ask for further details.

I like the personal touch, so if you live near by I’d love to pay you a visit to get to know you better and vice-versa. After all we’ll be spending a whole day together, so you’d better know if you like me first of all 😉

But because of distance, not everyone can meet up face-to-face. In that case a Skype call is the next best thing.

Failing that, if we’ve already met perhaps at a friend’s wedding, or you’ve studied my website carefully and you just trust your gut instinct based on what you’ve read and seen, or through a recommendation, then you can just book me over the phone.

That’s awesome!! I look forward to working together.

Just to make sure I’m available, first ring/e-mail to check my availability, then you can either reserve your date over the phone using your credit/debit card and then later send in your Booking Form, or you can arrange for me to visit you.

£250 is required to secure the exclusive use of my services for your wedding date, as I only ever photograph one wedding per day.

Your final balance will be due 2 weeks before your wedding. Please note that only a signed booking form along with the retainer fee can fully guarantee your date.

During a Wedding

What happens during a wedding

I am the sole photographer. Over the years experience has taught me that people like to have one point of contact before, during and after their wedding. So when you meet and book me, I will be your photographer and sole point of contact for your wedding.

To date I’ve never missed a wedding! It would have to be an extremely severe illness or family problem for me not to turn up for your wedding day, the type of illness/problem that would prevent you from being at your own wedding!

But just in case, I have actively networked with many professional photographers who I know personally, to form a reserve of photographers that I’m able to draw from at short notice to cover for me should the worst scenario happen. This, together with indemnity and liability insurance will guarantee your day is not ruined.

I start off with attending the morning preparations, usually for the bride. I’m simply documenting what goes in without too much interference from myself. I always say “Just ignore me. I’m not here really” That way I get people to quickly relax as they won’t feel the need to always be posing for a photo. If the bride and groom are getting ready at the same venue, I like to visit both rooms to get some of the grooms pre-wedding preparation too.

I always plan for about 2 hours preparation photography before leaving for the ceremony. Once at the ceremony, after a quick photo of the groom and perhaps best man and ushers, I’ll be moving around to photograph guests arriving, ushers doing their job, the groom looking nervous. Whatever happens, I aim to document it. The same goes for when the bride arrives and during the ceremony. After the ceremony, I prefer the couple to again ignore me and go and say hello to their guests. Here again story telling images are made, as guests greet the newly married couple.

Group photos are then covered followed by a quick session, or “walk-about” as I like to call it, for the bride and groom. Before everyone has sat down for the wedding breakfast, I’ll take a few detail shots of the room layout. I don’t take photos during the meal as no one like to have their photo taken with a mouth full of food, so it’s at this point that I’ll down tools, catch something to eat and wait for the speeches and first dance.

Time and weather permitting I may get the bride and groom outside for one last brief photo session before I leave.

I don’t work with an assistant, as I generally work alone. During the day I’ll be blending into the background, and I find being a solo worker makes it easier to work that way as I can move here there and everywhere without being concerned where’s my assistant or how to avoid them being seen in the background of my images. Plus, you’ll be less aware of the photographer’s presence if there’s only 1 person instead of 2.

I know how you feel, as I feel the same. I hate posing. I feel awkward and can’t wait till it’s over. So I’m totally on your side. How I work to minimise that feeling is to concentrate on natural, unposed photos that better capture your natural smile and personality.

Especially during the couples session, I never concentrate on getting posey-looking-at-the-camera-with-a cheesy-smile type of photos. Instead I look for natural, moment-led photos. It’s more about you two being together while I take camera-un-aware photos to tell a story.

I don’t insist on you feeding me as you have enough to worry about with feeding your guests. But if you still wish to provide a meal, then something in a nearby room/area so I’m not too far away from the wedding breakfast area in case something unexpected happens, would be gratefully accepted.

You choose how long you’d like me there. Most have me for the whole day from the morning preparations until the first dance and after, but I also offer half day options either from the morning till the wedding breakfast or from the ceremony until the speeches.

In fact you can tailor-make your own coverage if one of my set packages doesn’t suit you.

After a Wedding

What happens after a wedding

Within 3 weeks your images are posted online in your gallery to view along with a link to download the high resolution versions. If included in your package, you’ll also get your wedding slideshow highlights.

Then shortly after that, if ordered your USB containing all the high resolution files of the photos in your gallery will be posted to you.

You’ll get a few weeks to choose your favourites for your album. Once your choice has been returned, an online link to view the draft layout of your album will be sent within 2 weeks, so you can fully approve the whole album, or if you wish make some amendments. If there are any amendments, another draft layout with your changes will be again be sent. This will be done until you fully approve the whole album.

Once I receive full approval, your album will be sent off to be made and will take about 6 weeks to complete and be returned to you. If your order arrives during September – October it typically take up to 8 weeks to be returned, as this is peak season for album manufacturers.

If you mean “Are we allowed to print, copy and distribute our images?” Then the answer is “Yes, you sure do!”

Technically speaking “Copyright” refers to the legal owner of the images. The law in the UK assigns that to the photographer. This allows me, with my clients full permission to display images on my website, in sample albums etc.

Yes I have a variety of wedding albums to choose from. Just ask for further details.

Once you’ve chosen an album there are two choices for making your album available:

1) You choose the images for your wedding album which will then be designed by me. You get to preview and change the layout before it goes to print.

2) Allow me to choose the images for you. This choice gives you the best option as, not only will your wedding album be finished more quickly, I will choose the perfect balance of images to reflect your wedding day as presented in an album of your choice. You still have the option to preview the layout and make any changes you wish.

I don’t limit the number of photograph you receive. But on average I’m supplying over 500 images, and guarantee at least 450 for an all day wedding. If there are many things happening at your wedding then naturally it’ll all be faithfully recorded and supplied for you.

Yes. Your images are available to view in your secure, password-protected online gallery, which also allows orders from anywhere in the world.

I don’t provide RAW or unedited photos, much like your caterer won’t give you the off cuts of food not used for your wedding breakfast. Everything delivered is the best of all the images taken. I only ever remove duplicate images where someone may have unexpectedly walked in front of the camera, ruining my photo. Or ones where the person has their eyes closed, or has an unflattering expression etc. You can be assured that no worthy images from any set of photo taken will be missing.
Another reason I don’t provide the RAW, unedited images is that oftentimes I’ll capture an image with a particular post-processing in mind, that won’t be apparent from the unedited image. But having the unedited image can lead to confusion and perhaps disappointment. Eg. I’ll take a photo knowing I’ll be cropping it in a certain way with my initial vision in mind. Another time, I’ll deliberately under-expose an image to preserve the highlights, knowing how far I can recover the shadow details. Other times, I’ll take several photos of each group knowing If someone blinks I can usually Photoshop their opened eyes from another photo in the set, to make the perfect photo which you’ll get.
Ultimately you’ll get the best of what’s available with nothing missing, so there’s no need for the RAW images.

Everything you get will be supplied in my trademark colour processing. That way you have the option to make your own black and white images also.

When designing albums I often make a few black and white, but as you get to approve the album before it goes to print, if you want to change those images to colour, no problem!