Another month and other monthly round-up of my Instagram “Photo Friday” image posts. This time it my April 2017 Photo Friday round up.

This month’s posts comes from Hatfield House, Prestwold Hall and Brockencote Hall wedding venues. As usual, each image is a natural moment found without intervention from me as the photographer.

Being a documentary Birmingham wedding photographer means allowing you to get on with enjoy your day while I capture events as they naturally unfold without you having to stand around for cheesy, clichéd poses.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #13

Bridesmaid in silhouette putting on lipstick

Storytelling techniques vary but one thing is always constant: The desire to tell a simple story simply and I love using silhouettes to achieve that goal. Here the bridesmaid was getting ready in front of a window and I saw the simplicity of the image and had to capture it. Other images were taken but the anonymity of the person makes this an images about women getting ready before any big event wanting to look their best. This is what a documentary style of coverage is all about.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #14

Father crying while hugging his daughter bride.

This image and wedding was packed with emotion. The bride and family were over from America for the wedding and being so close to each other, the father of the bride broke down in tears when he saw his little girl dressed and ready for her wedding. You can also see her mother in the background holding back her tears.

This is what I love to capture, the real feelings and emotions behind the smiling happy faces of a wedding photos. This moment couldn’t be reproduced as it was natural and spontaneous. To capture images like this means I always have to be alert to what’s happening around me to tell their story, while discreetly capturing tender moments like this.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #15

Bride walking down stairs to the wedding ceremony

I live for light like this! As the bride descended the stairs on the way to her wedding ceremony she briefly looked out the window. The light fell beautifully on her face so I could photograph her in a pensive, thoughtful mood. What was she thinking about? What emotions was she hiding? You make your own guesses. Whatever answer you come up with, this one image for me captures the beauty and elegance of weddings. Not only can you see her expression but the side-lighting brings out the textures of her bridal gown. This is photography. Painting with light!

Photo Friday 2017: Image #16

Bride and father enters weding ceremony room at Hatfield House wedding venue

The beautiful hall at Hatfield House was the venue for this sumptuous wedding. This image was all bout the venue rather than the people. It can be so easy to forget the fact that the bride and groom carefully chose their wedding venue to blend in with their wedding theme, so it’s vital to capture it in all it’s beauty.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #17

As the bride was having her final preparations cared for by her maids just before her grand entrance at Prestwold Hall the wind caught her beautiful cathedral veil and another moment was captured. I could have posed the bride with her maids with the veil off to one side to show off it’s length, but this for me captures it far better. Natural and with a story behind it.

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What Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

This is an often asked question. In simple terms it means being an observer and recorder of your wedding, with little interference. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, think of it in terms of The Temporal Prime Directive: To visit, to watch, not to interfer and to bring back a record.

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