Yep! It’s time for my “Photo Friday” Instagram post round-up for the month of March.

As always you’ll see the images posted during March along with a bit of the background behind each image.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #9

Father giving his daughter bride a tender kiss before entering the church

When a father and daughter have a close bond, the fathers always hate to give away their little girl. Here was a moment just before entering the church when daddy wanted to say his goodbye before entering the wedding ceremony. I felt privileged to be in the right place at the right time to capture this tender moment that could have gone unrecorded if I wasn’t keeping a close lookout for moments like this.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #10

Emotional father during wedding ceremony

Here’s another emotional father. This time during the wedding ceremony. Sometimes the action isn’t always happening right in front of me but sometimes it’s happening in the background so I have to constantly keep my eyes open for moments like this. By framing the bride and groom in the foreground, I aimed to give a storytelling element to the father’s expression. He was feeling it because of giving away his precious daughter.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #11

Bride and groom being hugged by wedding guests

I love the emotions I get to capture at weddings and this image is a perfect example.

I was fortunate to get a double hug while capturing the joy on the faces of the guests as they congratulated the bride and groom.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #12

Bride and groom entertaining their guests in their band
The bride and groom are both in a band with the bride as lead singer and the groom playing guitar. So what better way to entertain their guests?

After getting their other band members to play a piece for their first dance, the bride and groom decided to join them to the delight of their wedding guests.

This image was the most popular Photo Friday image for the March with the fastest growing “like-rate”. I love it too, especially the vibrancy and energy captured with the lighting display.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #13

Bridesmaid in silhouette putting on lipstick

I love the simplicity of silhouettes. In a simple way a story can be told. Nothing more needs to be added to this image to say what it’s about. A simple silhouette to tell a simple story of getting ready before a wedding.

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