Have you been able to keep up with my weekly “Photo Friday” image posts on Instagram?

In case you missed any, here’s January’s round-up for you, along with a bit of background info on each image.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #1

Bride and Groom dancing to ceilidh band

I remember being told that Andrew the groom hated the thought of being the centre of attention and being photographed. They even didn’t have a formal first dance to open the dance floor, instead choosing to have everyone on the dance floor from the start, as their ceilidh band played.

This image for me tells more of the story of the fun, relaxed wedding they had with their family and friends, when allowed to just be themselves with a documentary style of coverage.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #2

Bridesmaid drinking before the wedding

This tells the story of what can happen in the morning when the maids get a bit nervous before the wedding day.

I’d over heard them talking behind me about having a quick drink before the wedding. Me imagining perhaps a cup of tea, or at the most a small glass of champagne! Oh how naive I was!! When I turn round this is what I saw and quickly had to capture this moment!

Photo Friday 2017: Image #3

Tearful bride, groom, mother of bride and sister of groom, during the speeches

This wedding was full of emotions, with many tears flowing all round.

Words aren’t needed to explain what’s happening here. Just another touching storytelling image from the speeches as the groom listens to his mother and sister.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #4

Bride and groom cutting cake at Weston Park wedding

I’ve shot a few weddings at Weston Park and always find the grand surroundings a pleasure to record. Each room has it’s own character to it, making for a memorable experience for anyone.

My aim here was to not just capture a simple cake cutting, but to show their guests enjoying the experience, along with the surroundings to match their wedding.