Planning a wedding is seen as one of the most stressful things in life. It’s constantly ranked amongst the top 10. That’s why I’m sharing a few important tips on how to organise our modern wedding.

You may be a great manager. Maybe you run an office or run your own business. Multi-tasking is easy for you. That is until you decided to have a wedding. Suddenly there are not enough hours in the day, and you simply cannot begin to plan all the details of this monumental event.

To hold a wedding you have to contact different business people in different companies and coordinate their arrival. If one of these key players in the wedding fails, the domino effect will begin. So how do you rope this in and ensure you have your dream wedding?

Time to Call in The Team

A wedding planner is a must. Even wedding planners hire a wedding planner when they hold a wedding. You have enough to do to keep you running. Let the wedding planner do what she does and you have time to iron out the details. Even a wedding planner hires a wedding planner when she gets married. This is not about ability; it is about balancing a lot of details at once. You simply do not have time to be the wedding planner and the bride.

The Dresses

Perhaps you already know what the dress of your dreams looks like. Or maybe you’re open to suggestions.

Either way remember: You can get the wedding gown of your choice or have one custom made. But it is best if you work with one vendor for the bridal gown and the bridesmaids dresses.

Using a pro like Azazie will put your mind at ease. They are ready with all the hot colours for this year.

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Smartly groomed and styled bridegroom

Assign Duties

Remember to be kind, thoughtful, and polite. Remember to thank them when they have taken their time and effort for you. The function of a bridesmaid is to attend to the needs of the bride. While the majority of the duties fall on the maid of honor, each member of the bridal party should be willing to assist. Whether that means mailing invitations, arranging flower donations to a nursing home after the wedding, or picking up your shoes from the mall. Ask your bridesmaids to help you and assign them duties as they have time to help.

Being organised for your wedding is not just a good thing, it is a critical thing. The organised bride has everything she needs at hand when she needs it. She is not searching for a necessary item that slipped her mind.

Be organised, but cut yourself some slack. If some little something goes wrong, you have two choices, laugh it off or ruin the honeymoon screaming and crying. The second option usually doesn’t end well. Life isn’t perfect, but you can be perfectly happy with a little effort.

Define Bridesmaids

Somewhere along the line, brides became confused about the duties of their bridesmaid’s. Your bridal party is made up of people you love and respect, who are willing to help you pull your wedding together.

This doesn’t mean they are to be treated like hired help. Nor does it mean they are to ignore their own responsibility to help you. Make your selections carefully. If one of your maids in waiting has young children, you cannot expect her to have time to run errands for you.

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Honeymoon Online Registry

Guests will expect you to have an online honeymoon registry. This has been the trending way to gift couples for the last several years. The easiest one is the free honeymoon registry by Honeyfund. This is free and easy for your guests and free and easy for you. You can link it to your wedding web page and even link store registries to it if you want to. Honeyfund can be used to pay for events and activities that you choose. You do the work, and your guests simply select their gift and pay online on a secure site.

Wedding Photography

This will be the lasting record of your happy day, including the memories of your planning. This is why I specialise in a natural, unposed, storytelling type of documentary wedding photography. This means you can get simply get on with that start of your lives together as man and wife, while enjoying the company of your family and friends, which reduces your stress levels.

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