Jorgensen Wedding Albums

I’ve been offering the Jorgensen album range of products for many years now. Ever since I found out that they’ve have been designing bespoke wedding albums for more than 30 years from their base in Australia, I loved their individually made albums.

“Why go to Australia for your wedding albums?” I hear you ask. This company takes a lot of pride in their work and in only selecting materials that make them amongst the best in the world.

They wrote on their website: ‘What started with one simple album design has grown to a collection of beautifully curated items designed specifically for the professional photographic industry. We firmly believe the beauty is in the detail. (We) take great pride in personally selecting every material, supplier, paper and printer for all of our products. From sourcing beautiful, quality materials to ensuring every print is to the highest standard, we pride ourselves on personal customer service …(to create) beautiful photographic products to be appreciated for years to come.”

This philosophy make me excited to be involved with their company and to offer their albums. Not only that, these albums allow be to easily showcase my natural, documentary wedding photography.

Just because I’m a wedding photographer Birmingham, that doesn’t mean I have to stick to Birmingham wedding manufacturers. I look for quality products anywhere in the world, and once found will offer it to my clients.

Which Jorgensen Album Do I Offer?

My introductory album is The Jorgensen Studio Album. This is a matted album. In other words, it has overlays over the photograph, to hold the photos in the album. This design, together with the prints create a truly 3 dimensional look to your images. The matt overlays are available in either white or charcoal. You’ll notice a keyline around each image too that adds to the look of quality. The keyline colour would always compliment the mat overlay colour.

This album is available in the classic black silk cover.

But if you’d like a wider variety of cover options etc, and you’ve seen something on their website that caught your eye, let me know. As one of their UK suppliers, I can offer the full range of any Jorgensen album products.