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After shooting 100’s of wedding over the many years, I can confidently say I’ve worked at most of the venues in and around West Midlands area.

Sadly some venues are no longer here. Anyone remember Packington Moor? I loved shooting there, but sadly it had to make way for the HS2 rail network. But there are still many others to choose from.

So I thought I’d share the best venues around.

If you’re searching for a stately home, rustic wedding barn, castle wedding venue, a modern hotel or quiet country venue, you’ll find them and more on my list.

This list of Best Wedding Venues is of course subjective, as everyone will have their own favourites that they feel should be included. So please bear that in mind when reviewing my list below.

Also, some venues will be outside the West Midlands area, but I’ve still included them as I feel they’re too good not to include.

If you’re also looking for ideas on planning your whole wedding or how to organise a modern wedding, then these two links will prove useful:

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