Bride and groom cheering outside church

Rachel and Matt’s comments thanking me for being their Bank House photographer:

” You were so fantastic / amazing and so much fun – Me and Matt will write some feedback on your website but you just made our wedding day perfect! Thank you for all your hard work capturing everything you did. We wish we could rewind time and do it all again as it was just so much fun beginning to end”

Being The Bank House photographer was a new venture for me as I’d never been to, or even heard of this venue before. So it was lovely to be called on to photograph an important day in Rachel and Matt’s lives.

The Bank House Hotel is a lovely wedding venue in Worcester. It has a golf course at the back which means there is plenty of space for guests to mingle. This was ideal as this wedding occurred on a beautifully sunny summer’s day and being outdoors meant everyone could make the most of the surroundings.

I love this venue so much It’s now listed amongst my list of Best Wedding Venues in the West Midlands.

Let me first tell you about how I came to be Rachel’s photographer. This story began about 5 years ago when I photographed Rachel’s sister’s wedding. I remember briefly speaking to Rachel when she said to me: “When I get married I definitely want you as my photographer!”

I must admit, I’d forgotten all about that conversation until Rachel sent me an email 4 years later. She asked me what dates in June, July or August did I have free, as she wanted to book her church and venue around my availability! That level of confidence is both humbling and scary.

It was humbling to think someone has this level of confidence in my work. But it was also scary because I’d have to make doubly sure I lived up to her high expectations!

The Wedding Day

When the day finally arrived I had no need to feel any worry or under pressure. Everybody shared a relaxed spirit of enjoyment from start to finish, as you’ll see in the images below.

Plus, I felt at home when I found out I knew quite a few from previous weddings I’d photographed, including Rachel’s sister Laura.

You’ll also notice that 100% of these images are black and white. Although I also shoot in colour, I do find colour can distract from the emotions on peoples faces. Instead the eye can be drawn to things like the colour of clothes, the mood lighting in a room etc.

But I love the purity of black and white images as it suits my style as a documentary wedding photographer. I find that, without the distraction of colour, the viewer can concentrate more on the mood of the image.

As mentioned, since this day was all about the fun and happiness, I wanted to show that in the best way I could.

The fun relaxed day started off with the preparations at Rachel’s family home. Then it was off to Kings Norton Church for the ceremony followed by The Bank House Hotel for the reception.

My final challenge for leaving my mark as The Bank House wedding photographer was my final image in this series. It was made on one of the golf hills by the course.

I don’t often do this type of image, but felt the conditions suited it on this occasion with impending clouds and the backlight. It came together for a dramatic finale photo at the end of the day.

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What Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

This is an often asked question. In simple terms it means being an observer and recorder of your wedding, with little interference. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, think of it in terms of The Temporal Prime Directive: To visit, to watch, not to interfer and to bring back a record.

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