Being called an award-winning wedding photographer is a great badge to be allowed to wear. The WPJA – aka The Wedding Photojournalist Association hosts 3 competitions throughout the year to help their members achieve that goal. This is when their members can put forward an image they justly feel proud of.

Since winning the wedding photographer of the year award twice with 2 different organisations a while back, I must admit I’ve not been a regular competition enterer ( is that a word? 😀 ). I’d entered a few scattered here and there along the way but always found myself too busy to keep it up.

Well, although I’m still busy I thought why not try it out again for the thrill? What’s to lose? There’s a lot to gain! So recently I’ve been looking out for competitions for wedding photographers to enter. As a member, the WPJA’s competition naturally caught my eye.

As a documentary wedding photographer Birmingham, the WPJA is a perfect fit to showcase my work amongst my peers. I gives me a gauge to judge how much of a photojournalist I am.


So I’m super stoked to find out that this image has been given an award in the Wildcard Portrait category. The brief was to submit anything related to the wedding day into this category. They we’re looking for creative approach to portraiture. It could have been during a pre-wedding engagement session, or capturing the bride, groom, bridal party, family, friends, children and/or any other posed wedding party member on the big day.”

I didn’t win the category as I was awarded 6th place. But for my first award from a world-wide pool of photographers, I’m super proud to be ranked amongst the best in the world.

I hate trying to predict things or make false promises, so I won’t promise to post my next award winning image. Who knows what may happen or even if I get another award.

But please keep a look out for when I’m posting other images. Maybe they’re not official award-winning images. But they’ll certainly be images that touch both mine and my customers’ hearts with their story-telling elements.

Laughing bride in front of a blue graffiti wall by wedding photographer Birmingham Clive Blair

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