Clive Blair – Documentary Wedding Photographer Birmingham

I’m a documentary styled Birmingham wedding photographer telling stories across the UK and abroad.

I’ve been a Birmingham wedding photographer for 30 years, making me one of the most experienced wedding photographers in the region. It also means I can bring my story-telling experience to your wedding to make sure nothing gets missed or will phase me, as I’ve seen it all! Although I work mainly in the Midlands area, I’ve been privileged to shoot in so many places and countries over the years recording one of the most special days of peoples’ lives. Not that it should matter to you though, as honestly all that should matter to you are things like: Can I tell your story in a way that will touch your emotions? Will I work in an unobtrusive manner rather than take over and force you to pose in those poses everyone hates? Are you looking for a storyteller rather than simply a wedding photographer? If your answers are “Yes!” then I’d love you to get in touch for a chat.


So many of our family and friends have commented that not only do they love the photos, but that they also thought you were fantastic in being very subtle and non-intrusive in your manner. Marco and I were surprised at some of the images, because you’d been so subtle; we’d forgotten that you’d even been there! Which means our photos are really natural and relaxed and you’ve just captured us having fun and being on top of the world!

Marco and Danielle