I’m privileged to be involved in the 2020 Vision Project, to create a commemoration of our national healthcare workers, reflecting their dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brief for the 100 photographers chosen from around the UK, is to take a portrait of health workers to capture the faces behind the masks. To express the human story – not in hospitals or in uniform – but the person behind the dedicated worker.

I’m looking for 6 healthcare workers in Birmingham and nearby, to provide a unique portrait for this amazing project.

To find out more about the project, watch this video

Are You a Healthcare Worker? – Can I Tell Your Story?

Are you a healthcare worker and have an interesting story to tell? I’d love to hear from you for possible inclusion in my submission.

I’m looking to take a portrait of 6 individuals in Birmingham and near by, with a story to tell. I’d like to photograph you away from your work environment to show the real you, the person behind the mask. It’d be a simple portrait session, in a suitable environment to respect the current social distance rules.

The portrait can be taken at a place special to you. You could be engaged in a hobby or doing something you love. You tell me and we’ll see if it can work to show you and your interests outside of work.

Who Can Apply?

All essential workers in healthcare eg: Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Consultants, Physical Therapist, Radiologists, Heathcare students, Carers, Admin Staff, porters etc. i.e., anyone who is helping out and experiencing the professional environment.

**Please note, the photography session needs to be completed by July 14th 2020**

What Story Would You Like to Tell?

Along with the portrait, your story too is important to hear. so I’d like to know how the pandemic has affected you, for eg:

  • What challenged you the most?
  • I know it’s not been easy – but would you be able to say briefly what was tough?
  • What has inspired you most?
  • Are there any stories of kindness you can share?
  • How do you feel about being part of this nationwide tribute to healthcare workers?

The aim pf the 2020 Vision Project is to produce tributes across the UK with selected photos to be exhibited in mainstream galleries for public viewing.

In return for your help, you’ll get a copy of the digital files as a thank you, along with possible inclusion in the final selection of images in the gallery.


To apply please submit your details below