Here’s my Nov 2017 Photo Friday round up image posts on Instagram, with a bit of background info on the image.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #44

Expectant groom before bride's arrival at Park Hall Farm wedding

Location: Park Hall Farm

Sometimes I’m only allowed at the back of the ceremony. But this is my favourite position to get the groom’s expectant expression as he waits for the arrival of his bride. Don’t you just love the expectant look on this groom’s face? This tells the whole story of what’s going through his mind while waiting.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #45

Tearful groom, bride and mother of groom during the speeches

Location: Broadoaks Country House

This was a very emotional part of the day for this wedding as the groom’s father had passed away and was naturally missed by his whole family. Therefore as the groom mentioned his father in his speech, he started to well up which set of his mother and bride. Tender moments like this are part of the storytelling of a wedding day.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #46

Bride and groom in the midst of sparklers held aloft by wedding guests at Bodenham arboretum

Location: Bodenham Arboretum

This photo is the other end of the emotionally scale from the previous image. To finish of their wedding day, the bride and groom arranged for a sparkler send off and I managed to capture the joyful ending of their fabulous wedding day celebrations

Photo Friday 2017: Image #47

Groom dipping bride during first dance at Ettington Park Hotel by documentary wedding photographer Birmingham Clive Blair Photography

Location: Ettington Park Hotel

The bride and groom meticulously rehearsed their first dance for many months, and it couldn’t have gone better. So to see their perfectly excecuted routine was lovely. Plus, since I’d seen their rehersals, I was in the perfect position for their end pose seen here. This beautifully captured their spirited routine and the love during their wedding day.

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