It’s Instagram Photo Friday Round-up time again where I share a few thoughts behind my weekly image posts.

This July 2017 Photo Friday round up come courtesy of wedding venues in London, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #27

bride and groom at lakeside suite lake

The storm clouds were looming and threatening to drop some heavy rain on this couple. But I’d never let that stop me getting a picture. Hence my photo title: “I will shelter you from life’s storms”

Photo Friday 2017: Image #28

Groom in dramatic light at Grafton Manor by documentary wedding photographer Birmingham Clive Blair Photography

Photography means painting with light. When I saw this shaft of light coming from this window and how it lit the groom, it painted for me a simple but emotive image of the groom before his wedding ceremony.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #29

determined girl playing table football with her father at Stanbrook Abbey

One of the things I’m always on the look out for as a documentary wedding photographer are storytelling images that add to the narrative of what everyone got up to behinds the scenes of a wedding day.

This image was caught during the evening reception in the games room downstairs at Stanbrook Abbey. This is the time for everyone to chill before the evening dancing starts. This little girl was playing a mean game with her father and was determined not to let him win.

To can see the look of determination in her face telling the story of her competitive spirit. She’ll no doubt be a force to reckon with as she grows up.

Photo Friday 2017: Image #30

Emotional maid giving a speech at a Grafton Manor wedding

Another thing I’m always looking out for is emotion. It can come in different guises and I’ve found none more potent that during the speeches. This is when stories are being told and lost loved ones are remembered.

This maid and the bride go back a long way and had many stories to tell, often tinged with sadness.

Being discreet is always the order of the day at these times. But I also knew the bride and groom would cherish this image. All I had to do was tastefully document what can be a very private emotional time.

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