Hopefully you managed to catch part 1 of my wedding planning tips series to help plan your perfect wedding. In case you missed it, you can read about them here.

So are you ready for part 2 of how to plan your perfect wedding? Here are my next favourite wedding planning tips gleaned over the years.


8. Be Present In Each Moment
While your wedding planning will some time, your wedding day will go by very quick! So I always advise couple to take time to savour the day. Plan a 10 min break during the day / evening so you can both step back and talk to each other about how much you’re both enjoying the day. Or as one couple said: “Just try and take times out during the day where you  put the focus on each other and forget and ignore everyone else around you. Plus do plan all the bits that are important to you beforehand as it won’t stop you worrying on the day, but it will reduce it.”


9. Do a Dry Run
During your wedding planning schedule, choose a similar day and time to your wedding and pretend it’s your wedding day. What are the road conditions like? Do you need to adjust your journey times to compensate for traffic? Check local websites for any events that may be happening nearby/on route to your wedding. Call up local hotels to see if they’re aware of any special events people are booking up rooms for on your day. How will that affect your travel and parking plans at the ceremony and venue locations? A good idea is to provide accurate online or printed driving instructions for all guests to know the recommended route to and from venues. Consider doing a dry run for hair and make-up too, so you know exactly how long it takes and also if you need to guide your stylist on things you like or dislike.

10. Have a Plan B
Most weddings are planned during the summer when “the weather is at it’s best” (“Yeh right!” I hear you say) But if it does rain, don’t agonise over what could have been, but be prepared to embrace it, as you’re marrying the love of the your life and one day of rain is inconsequential compared to the years of happy married life ahead of you both! So have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t play according to the rules. Why not buy some white umbrellas and make it a part of the photos, as many artistic photos have been taken in the rain! Or try buying multicoloured umbrellas for the bridal party and plan for a splash of colour!

11. Trust Your Suppliers.
While this may be your first wedding planning adventure, it won’t be for your professionals. So don’t stress if things start to go wrong, let the professionals handle it for you as they’ve likely dealt with more bad weather, stressed guests, straying scheduling etc. than you need to know about. They the best way to get things back on track, as their priority will be caring for you and making sure you enjoy the day as much as possible.

12. Receiving Line: Yes or No?
It’s been a long traditional to welcome your guests into the wedding breakfast room during a receiving line. Instead, why not schedule some time to chat with your family and friends before the wedding breakfast? You’ll enjoy the time more, instead of only having a quick 30 sec chat during the receiving line. In fact, if you have 90 guests to welcome, that’d take around 45 mins! Precious time that could be spent else where.

13. Step First Before Your Wedding
Break in your wedding footwear before your day comes. You’ll be on your feet for several hours, so do you really want to be wearing a brand new pair of shoes and end up with blisters? But still be prepared by packing a neutral pair of shoes in case a heel breaks or, with the best planning in the world, you still feel uncomfortable in your footwear.

14. Make Sure You Eat and Drink
You’ll get so hyped up wanting everyone to enjoy the day that you can easily forget to look after yourself, or be afraid that you’ll miss something if you stop to have something to eat and drink. Don’t try to be everywhere at one. Enjoy the moments around you and let your photographer and videographer capture those other moments for you to look back over after the wedding.

There you have it! My favourite wedding planning tips that will help plan your perfect wedding! I case you missed it, you can read part 1 here.

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