Getting married is one of the most stressful things in life, so it goes without saying that any wedding planning tips that will reduce the stress levels should be welcome. That’s where these tips come in for you. Having been a wedding photographer for over 25 years, I’ve seen what stresses many out and discovered what they would have changed in hindsight. But you don’t have to learn the hard way, as I’m sharing with you my 15 essential wedding planning tips that will guarantee you’ll enjoy your wedding planning, the wedding day itself, and most of all, the years of married life together after.


So sit back and enjoy the first 7 essential wedding planning tips:

1. Plan Ahead
I know some couples are super organised, and have been able to plan a whole wedding in a few weeks! But, if you’re like me, giving yourself time to plan will ease the pressure levels. Most take at least a year which allows time also to save for those special treats you’ve dreamed of having.

2. Budget Sensibly
No one wants to start married life with a heavy debt, so be realistic and make and then stick to a budget. It will help you stay in control. Here’s a  recommended formula for how much of your total budget to spend on different suppliers:
Reception:48-50 %
Photographer/Videographer: 10-12 %
Entertainment and Music: 8-10 %
Flowers: 8-10 %
Attire: 8-10 %
Misc: 8%
Invites: 2-3%
Gifts: 2-3%
If you mange to keep to the lower of the percentage figures you’ll still have another 5% which can then be used for unexpected expenses.

3. Keep a Scrapbook
Many get so wrapped up in the planning stages that they actually miss it once the wedding is over! So keep all your receipts and little momentos from your planning/shopping trips etc. Take plenty of photos of the venues you’ve visited, dresses you tried on, cakes you tried etc. Then you can look back over these on your first anniversary to relive the fun you had.

4. Buy Wedding Insurance
With the average wedding costing approx. £20,000, wedding insurance can help recoup these expenses should the worst happen and you had to either postpone/cancel your wedding, or it’d help you if a wedding supplier went bust or something disastrous were to happen to your dress, flowers, ring etc. on your wedding day. Many find it’s a small price to pay for the added peace of mind.

5. Delegate!
Do you really need to do everything yourself? Friends and family would love to help out, especially on the wedding day. Plan and delegate as much as possible, especially for the forgotten things like: Who will have the instructions for how to tie the men’s cravats or knows the etiquette for which side the button holes or women’s corsages go? Who’ll make sure that the house is locked up before you leave for the wedding? Who is the emergency contact for the wedding should something need urgent attention?

6. Choose The Best Time
Send your invitations out on a Wednesday or Thursday so they’ll arrive in time for the weekend, when your guests will have more time and will be more likely to RSVP straight away.

7. What is Perfection?
You may have been planning your perfect wedding since you were a little girl but remember to expect the unexpected. Embrace things that don’t go to plan and you’ll find you’ll enjoy the day more. Remember too that “perfection” can be altered by how you view things. For eg If you look at a beautiful forest scene from a distance it looks perfect. But if you go into the forest and stare too closely at the details and how each tree looks, you could get disappointed very quickly with the unsightly bark or the leaves that didn’t fully develop. So, especially on your weding day, learn to step back and look at the whole beauty of your day. That’s the best way to enjoy a perfect wedding.

Hopefully you’ll find a few pearls among these wedding planning tips that will prove useful to you.  If you enjoyed these, then part 2 can be found here!

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