Are you now looking to plan a perfect wedding? Think it’s an impossible task? Fear not. I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 25 years now and over that time, as you can imagine, I’ve covered many weddings.

I’ve noticed that those weddings that run smoothly all have a common theme. While those that could have been better organised weddings and so don’t run smoothly are usually for a handful of the same reasons.

More than likely this is your first time planning a wedding, and you’re probably thinking ‘where do I start?’ ‘What are the pit falls to avoid?’ ‘How can I beneift from someones expereinces to make my wedding an event I’ll llook back with many find memeories?’

This is where I’d like to help you with a few tips, gleaned from the many years of being involved and seeing the end result of all types of wedding planning.

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What Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

This is an often asked question. In simple terms it means being an observer and recorder of your wedding, with little interference. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, think of it in terms of The Temporal Prime Directive: To visit, to watch, not to interfer and to bring back a record.

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