wedding planning ideas

14 Unique Ideas To Make Your Wedding Totally You

It’s time to reveal some of my favorite ideas to help you when you start planning your wedding. This will help make your wedding an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

wedding planning ideas

Why is this such a big deal? Well, I don’t believe ANYBODY’S wedding should be a “one size fit all” type of wedding. Your wedding is YOUR day, and it should feel like the right fit for your personalities from start to finish.

What I realized after seeing hundreds of brides on their wedding day, is that the thing that makes each wedding unique is…YOU.
Now, before you tell me how obvious that is, think about it.  What is the one thing that is completely original and unique about your wedding day, that no other wedding day has ever seen or done before?
Your guests have never been at party celebrating YOUR love and relationship with your fiancé.  They’ve never seen YOU in that gorgeous dress, walking down the aisle, partying on the dance floor.
The secret to having a wedding that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and really feels like “you” is weaving as much of your personality as possible into your wedding day.
Believe me, over the more than 25 years of being a photographer, I’ve seen hundreds of weddings and come across numerous wedding planning ideas, including the details of what makes you special, and these things cost LITTLE OR NO MONEY. So feel free to ignore these suggestions, but I’d advise you to consider carefully these thoughts when planning your wedding, as they’re not based on theory, but on what I’ve seen work over the years.

1) Naming Your Tables. Instead of using traditional table numbers,  name your tables after a special interest or hobby that you share. Such as…players on your favorite team, cities you have visited together, or types of wine.
2) Newlywed Trivia. Create a list of trivia questions about you and your fiance for your guests to answer. This not only lets your guests get to know you as a couple, it breaks the ice as guests answer questions as each table.
3) Favors That Represent You. Give your guests favors that say something about your interests. One couple had Star Wars knitted characters for all their guests, since the bride and groom were big sci-fi fans.

wedding planning ideas 01

Another gave bottles of honey wine they’d made themselves.
4) Share Your Childhood Photos. You can do this in a collage of photos of the two of you growing up, in your signature guest book, or displayed on your gift table.
5) Display Your Parents and Grandparents Wedding Photos. This is a  romantic and elegant way to share your family history.
6) Love Letters. You can put together a collage or scrap book of letters you and your fiance sent to each other if you had a long distance relationship. [Be sure to get your fiancé’s permission first though, as us guys often prefer to keep these things private, as it could affect our street cred! 🙂 ]
7) A Groom’s Cake. Have a groom’s cake designed to honor your fiancé’s interest or hobby.  A fire engine if he is a fire fighter; a guitar if he is a musician.
8) Personalize Your Vows. Write your own vows and add personal details to let your guests glimpse more of your relationship.
9) Tell Your Love Story. Have either your officiant or your master of ceremonies share your love story with your guests.
10) A Photo Montage. Play a montage of photos of the two of you growing up and then together set to music.
11) Invite Your Guests To Perform. If you have musicians or dancers in the family, ask them to perform at your ceremony or reception. (Just make sure they will still enjoy themselves!)
12) Make Memories With Music. Play your favorite songs and artists during your ceremony and reception, or the songs that your family and friends love.  Some fun places to use your favorite tunes include your walk down the aisle, your introduction music, and  your parent dances.
13) Dedicate a Song. If there is a song that reminds you of one of your loved ones, have your entertainer dedicate it to them.  It can be serious, sentimental, or silly.
14) Thank Your Guests. Take a moment during the speeches or at the end of the night to thank your guests.  You might invite them to the dance floor to form a big circle and dance together to a song like “That’s What Friends Are For” or “Friends In Low Places.”

You don’t HAVE to use all or any of these things.  But I do encourage you to express your personalities in a way that fits
who YOU are, because it will engage and involve your guests like nothing else.

1) Make a list of all you and your fiance’s hobbies, interests,
and quirks. Are you a sports fanatic?  Are you into painting or
writing?  Do you have any favorite musical artists?
2) Looking at your list of hobbies and interests, write down some ideas for how you can work them into your favors, decor, or music.
3) Pick out your favorite unique ideas and DO THEM.

If you loved these few wedding planning ideas, I have many more waiting to share with you. If you’d like my style of photography and would to meet up for a chat about making your day a memorable occasion, get in touch here. Or, why not sign up for my newsletter updates of what’s happening at Clive Blair Photography?

5 Insider Secrets For A Flawless Wedding

Once you’ve spent all that time planning the look, the feel and the style of your wedding, it makes sense that you want to enjoy the day, right? Talk to pretty much any bride after her wedding and she’ll tell you, “It all went by so fast!” Here are a few wedding insider tips that you can add to your wedding planning checklist that will help you relax and enjoy every moment.

wedding planning checklist

SECRET # 1 – Allow lots of extra time in your wedding day.
Wherever you can, allow for extra time. Think it will take you an hour to get ready? Give yourself two. Most brides forget to allow enough travel time. It takes longer than 5 minutes for your girls to pile into the limo; remember to allow time to arrange dresses, gather bouquets left in the church and take a quick bathroom break.
You can never have too much time on your wedding day. Those breaks and gaps will be a welcome chance for you to relax, breathe and take it all in.

SECRET #2 – Leave your mobile phone at home.
Be unreachable on your wedding day. Give your phone to your mother or Bridesmaid and let them be your secretary for you. Make sure they have a complete list of contacts, but don’t carry it on you. They don’t make wedding dresses with pockets for a reason.
You’re hired the best wedding vendors and planned for everything. Now let everyone else take care of it so you can relax and enjoy. Nobody’s going anywhere without you! You can let go and let everyone else take care of the details.

SECRET #3 – Plan sufficient time to have your photos but also to mingle with your guests before the wedding breakfast. It take longer than many realize to take group photos. On average it can take between 3-5 min per group to photograph! So, do you really need 20 group photos, of every different combination of family and guests, which will take over an hour, while your other guests are hanging around waiting to be photographed? Plan your favorite few groups during a 20 min slot, then let your photographer take plenty of informals while you and your guest chat and mingle together. If you can do that, it will have a HUGE impact on  making your day more relaxing and stress-free.

SECRET #4 – Visit the “important” tables first.
A lot of couples want to do the “right thing” and visit each table at their wedding reception.  The problem is that visiting 10 – 20 tables can take a very long time! Before you know it you only have 45 minutes until the end of the party and your wedding day is over. Rather than visit every table starting with #1, jot down the tables where your relatives and older guests will be seated. These are the people who will throw a fit if you don’t say hello. Visit those tables first and then skip the rest, if you run out of time. Your friends will meet you at the bar or on the dance floor.
It’s your wedding day; use your time for having fun!

SECRET # 5 – Stop and “take a moment” throughout the day.
It’s really easy to get caught up in the rush of your wedding day.  Before you know it, it’s last call. Grab your new husband sometime throughout the day and night and steal a quiet moment. Look out at the party, look over at your guests and enjoy the moment.  Remind yourselves that this is really happening.
One couple made a pact before the wedding. Whenever one of their special songs was played, they would stop what they were doing and meet on the dance floor. These quiet moments will help you remember how amazing your wedding day was. Take them throughout the night to enjoy it even more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these wedding planning checklist tips gathered from my own experience, the advice of past brides and other wedding professionals!

Happy planning!

Clive Blair Photography

P.S.  I’d love to learn more about your wedding…and I need your help to do it!
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How to find the right wedding supplier for your wedding featured image

How to Find the Right Suppliers For Your Wedding

When it comes to finding the right wedding supplier for your wedding, it can be like a minefield knowing who to choose and why. A basic foundation to it’s success is hiring the right team…and it can be quite stressful! How do you find the right match for you? How do you know who to trust? Where do you go for advice? First of all, this is not an easy task and it’s totally normal for couples to feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused. It’s not like you plan a wedding every day! This is all probably brand new to you, so be patient with yourself. I’ve been a Birmingham wedding photographer for over 25 years and I’d like to share with has worked over the years, so you’ll be able to find the right wedding supplier who fills all your needs.

finding the right wedding supplier

So how do you pick the right wedding supplier who is right for YOU?

First of all, STYLE, PERSONALITY, and PROFESSIONALISM are the biggest things to look for. You want to hire vendors who your guests will feel comfortable with…because the more comfortable your guests are the more FUN they have. Each vendor should also match the style and vision of your wedding.

Here are 8 Must Ask Questions to ask ALL your potential wedding professionals before booking:

1. How many weddings do you do per year? How much experience do you have?

This is an extremely important question. Ideally, your wedding professional should have ample experience specifically with weddings. Not only will they be more skilled in their craft, this also makes them a valuable source of information and ensures that your wedding day goes smoothly.

2. How much do you cost?

Price is often relative, especially when you factor in experience, reputation and expert skill. Generally, the most talented professionals have a higher price tag because they are worth it.

3. How much is the first payment to secure your services?

£250 along with a signed Booking Form will secure me for your wedding.

4. What specifically is included in that cost?

Because packages often vary, it’s likely that you won’t be able to compare one supplier exactly to the next without doing a little figuring. The lowest cost isn’t necessarily the best deal; some higher quotes include services that you have to pay extra for in other packages. Make sure you take this into account.

5. What happens if I cancel? What happens if you cancel?

Find out if your deposit/retainer fee is refundable under any conditions. Does the wedding professional have a back up plan if something happens to them?

6. Do you use a contract?

If the answer is No, RUN! They’re definitely not the right wedding supplier for you, or anyone else for that matter!! A contract is designed to protect both you and the wedding professional. Don’t settle for a verbal agreement that won’t hold up in court.

7. Are there any additional fees?

Travel fees, VAT etc. can add up quickly. Make sure you understand exactly what is included and if there are any other fees you’ll have to pay. This should be clearly defined in your contract.

8. Do you carry liability insurance?

The answer you’re looking for here is Yes. This protects you in case an unfortunate accident should occur on your wedding day. It’s also a sign that this is a reputable business, since most “fly by night” operations don’t invest in insurance.

One final bit of advice: READ YOUR CONTRACT. Make sure you understand everything that’s written and ask questions if you don’t. There IS no stupid question…except the one you don’t ask. Make sure you know the price as well as cancellation and refund policies.

GO WITH YOUR GUT. If something feels “off” about the wedding supplier…you’re probably right. Make sure you feel comfortable with them, you like them, and that their personality will be a good blend with your guests and reflect the tone of your wedding.

Remember: if chosen wisely, the right wedding supplier will give you expert help and advice on every aspect of your wedding…for free!

If you’re now planning your wedding and you loved these wedding tips, contact me via my contact page as I’d love to meet up for a chat. Or, why not sign up for my newsletter updates of what’s happening at Clive Blair Photography?

What Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

This is an often asked question. In simple terms it means being an observer and recorder of your wedding, with little interference. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, think of it in terms of The Temporal Prime Directive: To visit, to watch, not to interfer and to bring back a record.

Read More About My Documentary Wedding Photography

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How to Guarantee the FUN at Your Wedding

Pretty much every single one of our clients wants their wedding to be FUN. Nobody wants a boring party and yawning guests. So this post will focus on a few fun wedding ideas that you can use to guarantee that your wedding is fun. When your wedding is fun…it’s the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Your guests will talk for years about how great your wedding was and compare it to all others that come after.

First of all, I’d be lying if I told you that you can do something to “make” your guests have fun. You can’t. If your guests have their hearts set on pouting in the corner, there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

But you CAN guarantee that YOU have a fun time.  And if you take these wedding ideas seriously, it all but guarantees that if your guests want to have a good time, they WILL.

fun wedding ideas

1) Set An Example Of Fun.
If you want your wedding to be fun, YOU have to have fun. Your wedding is all about you. Your guests will be looking to you for guidance. You’re the star of the show.  If you aren’t having a good time…chances are they won’t, either. On the other hand, if you’re having the time of your life, your guests will be compelled to join you. When you incorporate humour into your day, they will laugh along with you.
If you want your guests on the dance floor…go to the dance floor. Your guests will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.  (It’s the white dress.)  The party goes where you go. Making sure you have fun at your own wedding is the number one way to guarantee a killer party.

2) Create A Comfortable Environment for You and Your Guests.
What do I mean by a “comfortable” environment? A big piece of this is selecting an entertainer who “gets” who you are and the vibe you want for your party. If your guests are naturally shy, and your entertainer tries to drag them onto the dance floor…they will NOT feel comfortable. No comfort, no fun. On the other hand, if your entertainer’s style matches your own and meshes with your guests…they’ll feel comfortable enjoying themselves in whatever way is natural for them.  Comfort leads to relaxation…which translates to FUN.
Guests feel comfortable when they know what’s going on and what’s expected of them.  Make sure your entertainer guides the flow of events so that guests know where to go and what to do. This sets them at ease and sets the stage for a good time.

3) Share Your Story With Your Guests.
Your guests will have the most fun when they are ENGAGED and INVOLVED in your wedding.  The best way to engage them is by sharing your love story and the interests, hobbies and quirks that make you who you are.
There are lots of ways to do this. Personalize your vows.  Have your entertainer tell your love story to your guests. Take the microphone and tell them yourself.  Share your story during your speeches or on a card at each table.
If you have a sense of humor, play it up. Ask your entertainer for assistance and ideas.  The more laughs, the more engaged your guests become…the more fun.
Find a way to share your story that fits you.  It will have a huge impact on how much fun your guests have at your wedding.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 3 fun wedding ideas. My years as a wedding professional have proven that these methods WORK time and time again. Brides who follow these guidelines have fun, unforgettable parties. Brides who choose to ignore them…well, they don’t have nearly as much fun.

If you’d like me to inject a bit of fun too into your wedding and would love a top Birmingham wedding photographer to photograph your wedding, get in touch with me here. Or, why not sign up for my newsletter updates of what’s happening at Clive Blair Photography?

Why Should You Book A Professional?

I came across a great blog post that I just had to share with you all, especially if you’re undecided whether to book a professional photographer to record your wedding, or instead ask a friend with a camera to do the job.

Can I add too that I know there are a few “professional” photographers who do a less than stellar job and quite a few amateurs who do a fantastic job. But if you take a group of 100 professional and another a group of 100 amateurs, which group is more likely to deliver the goods for you consistently? I’ll leave you to decide!


Planning Your Perfect Wedding-Part 1

Getting married is one of the most stressful things in life, so it goes without saying that any wedding planning tips that will reduce the stress levels should be welcome. That’s where these tips come in for you. Having been a wedding photographer for over 25 years, I’ve seen what stresses many out and discovered what they would have changed in hindsight. But you don’t have to learn the hard way, as I’m sharing with you my 15 essential wedding planning tips that will guarantee you’ll enjoy your wedding planning, the wedding day itself, and most of all, the years of married life together after.


So sit back and enjoy the first 7 essential wedding planning tips:

1. Plan Ahead
I know some couples are super organised, and have been able to plan a whole wedding in a few weeks! But, if you’re like me, giving yourself time to plan will ease the pressure levels. Most take at least a year which allows time also to save for those special treats you’ve dreamed of having.

2. Budget Sensibly
No one wants to start married life with a heavy debt, so be realistic and make and then stick to a budget. It will help you stay in control. Here’s a  recommended formula for how much of your total budget to spend on different suppliers:
Reception:48-50 %
Photographer/Videographer: 10-12 %
Entertainment and Music: 8-10 %
Flowers: 8-10 %
Attire: 8-10 %
Misc: 8%
Invites: 2-3%
Gifts: 2-3%
If you mange to keep to the lower of the percentage figures you’ll still have another 5% which can then be used for unexpected expenses.

3. Keep a Scrapbook
Many get so wrapped up in the planning stages that they actually miss it once the wedding is over! So keep all your receipts and little momentos from your planning/shopping trips etc. Take plenty of photos of the venues you’ve visited, dresses you tried on, cakes you tried etc. Then you can look back over these on your first anniversary to relive the fun you had.

4. Buy Wedding Insurance
With the average wedding costing approx. £20,000, wedding insurance can help recoup these expenses should the worst happen and you had to either postpone/cancel your wedding, or it’d help you if a wedding supplier went bust or something disastrous were to happen to your dress, flowers, ring etc. on your wedding day. Many find it’s a small price to pay for the added peace of mind.

5. Delegate!
Do you really need to do everything yourself? Friends and family would love to help out, especially on the wedding day. Plan and delegate as much as possible, especially for the forgotten things like: Who will have the instructions for how to tie the men’s cravats or knows the etiquette for which side the button holes or women’s corsages go? Who’ll make sure that the house is locked up before you leave for the wedding? Who is the emergency contact for the wedding should something need urgent attention?

6. Choose The Best Time
Send your invitations out on a Wednesday or Thursday so they’ll arrive in time for the weekend, when your guests will have more time and will be more likely to RSVP straight away.

7. What is Perfection?
You may have been planning your perfect wedding since you were a little girl but remember to expect the unexpected. Embrace things that don’t go to plan and you’ll find you’ll enjoy the day more. Remember too that “perfection” can be altered by how you view things. For eg If you look at a beautiful forest scene from a distance it looks perfect. But if you go into the forest and stare too closely at the details and how each tree looks, you could get disappointed very quickly with the unsightly bark or the leaves that didn’t fully develop. So, especially on your weding day, learn to step back and look at the whole beauty of your day. That’s the best way to enjoy a perfect wedding.

Hopefully you’ll find a few pearls among these wedding planning tips that will prove useful to you.  If you enjoyed these, then part 2 can be found here!

If you’re now in the planning stages of your wedding and would like to discuss your plans further, or maybe you have a question, let’s meet up to talk more. Or, why not sign up for my newsletter updates of what’s happening at Clive Blair Photography?


Planning Your Perfect Wedding-Part 2

Hopefully you managed to catch part 1 of my wedding planning tips series to help plan your perfect wedding. In case you missed it, you can read about them here.

So are you ready for part 2 of how to plan your perfect wedding? Here are my next favourite wedding planning tips gleaned over the years.


8. Be Present In Each Moment
While your wedding planning will some time, your wedding day will go by very quick! So I always advise couple to take time to savour the day. Plan a 10 min break during the day / evening so you can both step back and talk to each other about how much you’re both enjoying the day. Or as one couple said: “Just try and take times out during the day where you  put the focus on each other and forget and ignore everyone else around you. Plus do plan all the bits that are important to you beforehand as it won’t stop you worrying on the day, but it will reduce it.”


9. Do a Dry Run
During your wedding planning schedule, choose a similar day and time to your wedding and pretend it’s your wedding day. What are the road conditions like? Do you need to adjust your journey times to compensate for traffic? Check local websites for any events that may be happening nearby/on route to your wedding. Call up local hotels to see if they’re aware of any special events people are booking up rooms for on your day. How will that affect your travel and parking plans at the ceremony and venue locations? A good idea is to provide accurate online or printed driving instructions for all guests to know the recommended route to and from venues. Consider doing a dry run for hair and make-up too, so you know exactly how long it takes and also if you need to guide your stylist on things you like or dislike.

10. Have a Plan B
Most weddings are planned during the summer when “the weather is at it’s best” (“Yeh right!” I hear you say) But if it does rain, don’t agonise over what could have been, but be prepared to embrace it, as you’re marrying the love of the your life and one day of rain is inconsequential compared to the years of happy married life ahead of you both! So have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t play according to the rules. Why not buy some white umbrellas and make it a part of the photos, as many artistic photos have been taken in the rain! Or try buying multicoloured umbrellas for the bridal party and plan for a splash of colour!

11. Trust Your Suppliers.
While this may be your first wedding planning adventure, it won’t be for your professionals. So don’t stress if things start to go wrong, let the professionals handle it for you as they’ve likely dealt with more bad weather, stressed guests, straying scheduling etc. than you need to know about. They the best way to get things back on track, as their priority will be caring for you and making sure you enjoy the day as much as possible.

12. Receiving Line: Yes or No?
It’s been a long traditional to welcome your guests into the wedding breakfast room during a receiving line. Instead, why not schedule some time to chat with your family and friends before the wedding breakfast? You’ll enjoy the time more, instead of only having a quick 30 sec chat during the receiving line. In fact, if you have 90 guests to welcome, that’d take around 45 mins! Precious time that could be spent else where.

13. Step First Before Your Wedding
Break in your wedding footwear before your day comes. You’ll be on your feet for several hours, so do you really want to be wearing a brand new pair of shoes and end up with blisters? But still be prepared by packing a neutral pair of shoes in case a heel breaks or, with the best planning in the world, you still feel uncomfortable in your footwear.

14. Make Sure You Eat and Drink
You’ll get so hyped up wanting everyone to enjoy the day that you can easily forget to look after yourself, or be afraid that you’ll miss something if you stop to have something to eat and drink. Don’t try to be everywhere at one. Enjoy the moments around you and let your photographer and videographer capture those other moments for you to look back over after the wedding.

There you have it! My favourite wedding planning tips that will help plan your perfect wedding! I case you missed it, you can read part 1 here.

Are you getting married up north or down south? As a Birmingham wedding photographer I’m perfectly located in the center to photograph your perfectly planned wedding too!  So give me a call if you like what you see on my website, or contact me via my contact page as I’d love to meet up for a chat. Or, why not sign up for my newsletter updates of what’s happening at Clive Blair Photography?

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

I recently read an interesting article in an online Bridal magazine that listed several questions they suggest you should ask when choosing a wedding photographer. I didn’t agree with all the questions, as some were quite irrelevant, but the majority of the questions in the magazine are questions I’m regularly asked, so I thought, in addition to my FAQ answers, I’d list my answers below for you if you’re wondering about how I work, what happens if, etc.

Background Check:

• How long have you been shooting weddings?
I started in 1987

• Have you shot a wedding at my ceremony and reception venues? If not, do you plan to check it out in advance?
I’ve shot at so many venues over the years. There are very few venues I’ve not worked at. Some even recommend me as a preferred supplier. Find out here. But if I’ve not worked there before, or recently, I do like to scout out the location beforehand.

• Do you have a portfolio of recent weddings you’ve shot that I can browse?
Yes. Visit here


Photography Style:

• How would you describe your wedding-photography style? (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, artistic)
I’m mainly a documentary wedding photographer.

• How would you describe your working style? (e.g. Does you prefer to blend into the background and shoot what unfolds naturally, or does you create a more visible presence by taking charge and choreographing shots?)
80% of my time is spent in the background, watching, observing, and documenting your wedding. But for the other 20% I’m a little more hands-on when for eg groups need organising, or I’m shooting a little bit of stylized photography of you both.

• Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?
I do have a recommended list of formal photographs that won’t detract from the documentary style of coverage, and I’m more than happy to follow your requests. But be aware that a long list will detract from me capturing the natural story of your day.


Photography Packages and Payment:

• If my wedding site is out of your area, do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover?
No. My prices are all inclusive. The only exception is for weddings in Central London, abroad or more than 2 hours drive away. The extra fees will be agreed by prior arrangement.

• What packages do you offer?
Typical prices can be found here. If you’d like more detailed information, fill in my online contact form to get my password to download my full pricelist.

• Can I customize a package based on my needs?

• Do you include a pre-wedding shoot in your packages?
You can either add a pre-wedding shoot to your package, or if you order a 30+ page wedding album, then your shoot is complimentary.

• Do you offer a photo booth?
I personally don’t supply/run a photobooth, but I can put you in touch with a recommended photographer who does.

•What type of album designs do you offer? Do you provide any assistance in creating an album?
Albums and their designs vary from traditional with mat overlays, storybook layout or a mixture of both. You can view the different types here. Full assistance is provided with all designs. Either you choose your favourite images for the album and I’ll design a layout around your selection, or I can choose your images and design the full layout for you. Either way, you get to fully approve the final layout before it goes to print, in case you’d like to change something.

• Do you provide retouching, colour adjustment, or other corrective services?
Yes. Standard corrections/adjustments are always done. But there will be a charge for major corrections/adjustment. Ask for further details.

• How long after the wedding will I get the proofs? Will they be viewable online? On a CD? A thumb drive?
3 weeks after your wedding your images will be uploaded to a secure password protected web gallery for family and friends to view your images. Not long after, all your high resolution images will be delivered on USB. Full reproduction and printing rights will also be given you, so you can copy, print and or distribute your images as you wish.

• Will you be posting about our wedding on your social media sites (blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)?
I choose a selection of images and/or weddings to promote on my social media, but I have no problem if you’d prefer total anonymity.

• Will you be submitting our wedding photos to magazines or blogs?
Yes, but only with your full approval.

• What is the ordering process for photos and albums?
After receiving your digital files, you choose your favourites for your album or reprints via my online proofing system. For albums, a proof album layout will always be provided. If you’d like to alter anything that can be done. Once full approved, your album will be sent to be printed and bound and is usually returned about 6 weeks later.

• How much is the first payment and when is it due?
The first payment of £250, called a Retainer Fee, is due on booking. This amount will be deducted from your final package cost. Once the Retainer Fee is received, along with a completed Booking Form, your date is secured and I will turn away all other enquiries for your wedding date.

• Do you have liability insurance?



• Do you have backup equipment? What about a backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason?
Yes. I always use 2 camera for each assignment and each camera have dual card slots. This means every time I take a photo every image is automatically backed up to the 2nd card slot. I also always carry with me more spare cameras, lenses flashes etc. Once home, I copy all my files to 3 separate onsite locations, plus 1 on-line location. So, even if my house were to burn down your images would still be safe. Because I network with other professional photographers, if I was unable to attend your wedding then I would be able to provide an alternative photographer for you.

• Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?
I have no problem with guests taking their own photographs during the day, as my main style of coverage is in a documentary manner, ie I’ll blend in the background and capture the candid off-guard moments that often go unnoticed. But if there are any formal groups required, then I request that I’m allowed to take those photos with no interruption or distractions. This way all in the group will be looking at my camera and not in various other places.

• If my event lasts longer than expected, is there an additional charge to stay?
No. My costs are not based on a set number of hours. If I’m there all day then I’ll start from the morning preparations (I usually like be at the morning prep location for at least 90 mins before leaving ahead of the bride so I can photograph the groom and his men, and any guests’ arrivals) and I’ll stay until the first dance and beyond if needed, especially if you’re having a sparkler exit or fireworks for the evening celebrations. So, how ever long that takes, I’m there for you without clock-watching.

• How far in advance do I need to book you?
You choose. But most book 12-18 months ahead of their date.

• What information do you need from me before the wedding day?
Only a few preliminary details are needed on the booking form. I’ll ask for more details about 1 month before your wedding, by asking you to fill in and submit your pre-wedding checklist.

• How do I book?
First ring or email to check I’m available for your date. If I am, complete my online booking form and submit your £250 Retainer Fee by bank transfer. I’ll then write back to fully confirm your booking. About 1-2 months before your wedding date, we’ll have a pre-wedding consultation meeting to confirm all the necessary details for your wedding. That will be an excellent time too to have your pre-wedding photo shoot.